Frequently Asked Questions

What type of junk can you take?
We pride ourselves in being a full-service junk removal service. We’ll take just about anything from your home or business as long as it’s non-hazardous and can be lifted by one of our two-man teams.

What type of junk can you NOT take?
Unfortunately we cannot take everything. We won’t take certain items if they’re too hazardous for the environment or for the physical well-being of our team members. Medical waste and pesticides would be two examples.

Where exactly does my junk go?
We strongly believe in and follow environmentally responsible waste management principles. We make every effort to repurpose, recycle, and donate to charity whenever we can. After separating your items by “material type” and loading into our trucks accordingly, each item has its own facility to be dropped off at.

Wouldn't I be better off renting a dumpster?
You could rent a dumpster, but your lower back and wallet might not like it! It would also sit in your front yard or driveway for weeks. We do all the heavy lifting for you when you hire us.

What's your preferred method of payment?
After completing each job, we prefer to receive cash or a check. However, we can accept credit or debit card payment if it’s more convenient for the customer. 

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